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  1. 04/17/2014 Patch Notes

  2. 04/23/2014 Patch Notes

  3. 04/29/2014 Patch Notes

  4. 05/09/14

  5. 05/20/2014 Patch Notes

  6. 05/22/2014 Patch Notes

  7. 05/26/2014 Patch Notes

  8. 06/13/2014 Patch Notes

  9. 06/19/2014 Patch Notes

  10. 07/24/2014 Patch Notes

  11. 08/19/2014 Patch Notes

  12. Big Pigs

  13. Canvas Size Options

  14. Change your land background!

  15. Golden Sizzler Award

  16. How do I change my Avatar's look?

  17. How do I earn Pot Bucks?

  18. How do I Enable Flash for Firefox

  19. How do I flip buildings?

  20. How do I get more neighbors?

  21. How do I keep my Protection Level Number in the Positive?

  22. How do I report an underage Player?

  23. How do I send a gift?

  24. How Do I Trade Items for Puff Puff Passes?

  25. How do I upgrade my Grinder?

  26. How do I upgrade my Land?

  27. How STORAGE works

  28. How to use Greenhouse

  29. I have Windows 8, why won't my Farm load?

  30. I signed up for an offer, where are my Pot Bucks?

  31. Irish Tavern (Open, Party & Dirty Versions)

  32. Loading Issues related to using Internet Explorer

  33. My Rally group can't see my Rally posts / I'm Having Trouble Sharing or Seeing Shares

  34. No More Jitters

  35. Pop Up Video Errors

  36. Pot Farm Lottery!

  37. Rally Quests and Rally Chests

  38. The difference between your Giftbox, Stash, and the Store

  39. The differences between Repeaters, Contraptions, Hydros, and Storage items

  40. The odds for Mystery/Jackpot Seeds suck!

  41. What are Pot Heads?

  42. What is a Rally Group?!

  43. When will Pot Farm be available for my iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet device?

  44. Where are my neighbours?

  45. Where's the item I bought with my credit card or phone?

  46. Why can't we get more Land Upgrades?

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