The difference between your Giftbox, Stash, and the Store

Hey there, Farmer!

So, you may be wondering about all the different locations your juicy items are going. The main three places that have to do with Items would be your Gift Box, Stash, and the Store.

First, let’s take a look at your Giftbox.

The Giftbox is where all of your awesome rewards go! Finished a Quest and wondering where your reward got to? Your Gift Box! Bought an item from the store and not sure sure what happened to it? It’s in your Giftbox! Did a friend send you present and it’s nowhere to be found? It’s in your Giftbox!

Just remember, items taken out of your Gift Box cannot be put back in!

Next, let’s take a gander at your Stash.

Your Stash operates a bit different than the Giftbox! Everything you harvest and collect from your farmland goes here. Think of it as a resource pool or a piggy bank. It’s also a great place to sell some crops for coins! Be careful what you sell, though, as you might need it later!

Lastly, let’s check out the store!

The store is where you can buy all sorts of cool things using Coins, Pot Bucks, or USD! In here, you can trade items for Puff Puff, buy Buildings, Guano, Seeds, Decorations, and even cool Backgrounds and Duds for your Character! It pretty much has everything your heart desires! And make sure to keep an eye on the Featured tab as it has limited time offers that can really help you out with current Quests!

Thanks for writing in, and puff on!

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