My Rally group can't see my Rally posts / I'm Having Trouble Sharing or Seeing Shares

Hi Farmer, 

Hi Farmer, 

Recently there have been issues with sharing and being able to see posts. These issues are due to a Facebook problem, where Facebook has changed the way sharing works, and this means that players are limited in the amount of items they can share per day and per week. Once you've reached your limit, the shares will no longer show up. This is not something Pot Farm can fix. We are currently looking into ways to better share and collect from your friends!

That being said, if none of your shares show up on your rally page EVER, try the following:

1. Clear your browser cache. Do this a few times if you don’t see results right away. Then make sure to close the browser, reopen it and restart Pot Farm. This should help make your shares appear on the rally wall.

2. If this does not work, please re-check all of your Facebook sharing settings, because something may have changed randomly without notice in the last day or so.

First check that your Facebook settings are correct. Under "apps", check that you have permissions set so that Pot Farm can post on your behalf. Now check your Rally Group settings, and make sure that you haven't hidden permissions to post there. You can check to see if you have hidden all posts from Pot Farm by going to the home page, where it says "News Feed" in the upper left corner of your Facebook page, hover your mouse next to it until a little "gear" icon appears. Click this, and a popup should come up that lets you see who you've hidden and perhaps will let you unhide Pot Farm posts.

After you've checked these settings, if nothing is showing up further, it could be that this is just a Facebook issue at this time and that sharing may not be working. There are currently low limits to the amount players of Facebook games can post per day and week, so if you've already posted some, you may not be able to post more. As long as you are seeing something (and the page is not always just blank), then likely there is nothing wrong and it's just Facebook's sharing limits in place. The moocher pro picks up all shares, no matter whether they show up on the wall or not, so this shouldn't impede players' abilities to collect from your shares.
Hope this helps! 

Good luck! 

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