07/24/2014 Patch Notes

Well, lots has happened in the last month, things being added, removed, fixed, changed, it's been crazy around here. So here's an update on what's going on!

New Features:

  • Ad Banners Removed
  • Top Banner Changes *details below
  • Rally Events have a new possible action: Sell
  • New stash and store icons
  • Upcoming level up promo feature implementation
  • Bigger window beta *details below
  • Extended the neighbor bar

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit with daily collecting limits
  • Misc. tutorial fixes
  • Fix to claim rally rewards
  • Fixed a bug when a player had only a single trophy
  • Fixed broken quest button animation
  • Fix a bug with daily bread check
  • Fix to potbuck amount when leveling up
  • Fixed old link to re-direct to current game
  • Fixed wrong amount of puffpuff required when planting from gifts
  • Fixed showing countdown for two plants in a rally
  • Fixes to the quest decision code
  • Removed the lock on the info window when an item is not for sale

Top Banner Changes:

  • Matches size of game screen
  • Mooch button added that takes you to moocher pro page

Bigger Window Beta:

  • Rolled out a bigger game screen
  • Initial tests came back with a needed rework
  • Full-screen button removed and subsequently restored
  • Other changes that were part of this change: Extended neighbor bar, Ad banner removal, and top banner changes

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