06/13/2014 Patch Notes

Hey Pot Farmers! Sorry for the long time between the last notes and this launch, there's been a bunch of new things happening including the ability to preview quests and a few more things on their way! It's been a little crazy, but now that things have settled a bit here's a new update:

  • Quest Preview
  • Auto Publish button
Featured This Week:
  • Rally Gear quests released
Bug Fixes:
  • Various tutorial fixes
  • Feed image fixes on over 20 items
Quest Preview:
  • As you can now see in the see details window for quests you now have the same "X/X" number as you have with quest packs and it states "Current Quest", this is because you can now view all the quests in the chain!
  • If you look on the sides of the quest widow you can see there are 2 arrows, clicking on the one on the left will show you the quest that you just completed in the chain and the arrow on the right will show you the next quest in the chain.
  • This feature allows you to see what the next reward is and what the next thing you will need to do is, so now you can prepare ahead of time!
  • As you can see, when you are viewing a quest you haven't completed the text at the top says  "upcoming quest"
  • Also, viewing ones you've completed changes the text to  "completed quest"
  • If you need to get back to the current quest quickly simply click the red X beside the "upcoming" "current" or "completed" text to go back to the quest list and just hit see details again!
Auto Publish:
  • Because the auto publish feature has been hidden a bit more, we have placed an Auto Publish button in the in-game toolbar beside the mute button
  • This feature is what allows the game to publish wall posts on your behalf such as plant shares. So if you want your friends to be able to benefit from your shares make sure this is turned on!
Upcoming Feature:
  • As you can see, the last rally had a slightly different look to the rally window, we're still working on making rallies even better and we've got some stuff in the works, more details coming soon!

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