Pop Up Video Errors

Hey Dudes & Dudettes!

Are you experiencing difficulties watching the Pop Up vides for free Mystery Seeds?

We have found that if you have a pop up blocker on your browser this will stop the free Mystery Seed videos from loading. (While this will prevent your video rewards, these Setting Steps are totally optional, as we understand how frustrating Pop Ups can be!)

You can change these settings in your browser to add our page as one of the exceptions to allow pop ups. Here is how:

1.To change pop up settings in Chrome, you will need to go to the Customize icon on the top right of your browser (the icon that is 3 straight lines stacked one on top of the other.  It lives at the end of your Address Bar.)

2. Then open Settings. From here click 'Show Advanced Settings' to find the 'Content Settings' Button under Privacy. The Pop Up Settings will have an option to input https://apps.facebook.com/mypotfarm/ into the Exception list!

*In Firefox, this is under the Firefox Drop Down under Options, in the Content Tab. From here, you can click on the 'Exceptions' Button for Pop Ups.

For best performance, we recommend Chrome or Firefox, though results can vary from person to person. If you are using Internet Explorer we recommend changing the above for optimum performance. To change Pop Ups in IE, just pop into Internet Options and under the Privacy Tab you will see the Pop Up Blocker Settings.

Hope this helps you out,

Happy Farming!

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